At Burning Tree Cellars, we believe it is important to be good citizen in the community. We therefore support non-profit organizations, but at this time only support non-profits that directly benefit children. If you have a donation request, below are some guidelines. We wish we could donate an unlimited amount to everyone who asks but we do not have unlimited resources. We prioritize requests based on our guiding principles and causes we feel passionate about.

Donation Guidelines

  • We believe in responsible alcohol consumption and its education.
  • We really care about our children’s education and creating a better future.
  • We support only non-profit children’s charities with as close to zero percent administration fees as possible.

If you would like Burning Tree Cellars to consider your donation request and the organization meets the above guidelines, please submit a formal letter on your organizations letterhead stating the details of the request. The request must be submitted at least six weeks, prior to when funds are required in order for us to respond. Due to the volume of requests we receive, we regret that we are unable to fulfill all of them. We request electronic format only, please refrain from phoning. Your request needs to be submitted to

Thank you,

Burning Tree Cellars